Van Allen Probes - Arase Joint Meeting, 2017

  • 日時:2017年10月13-14日
  • 会場:京都大学生存圏研究所


発表者(アルファベット順) 題目
Aaron Breneman (University of Minnesota) Observations directly linking relativistic electron microbursts to whistler mode chorus: Van Allen Probes and FIREBIRD II
Ayako Matsuoka (ISAS, JAXA) The magnetic field investigation on the ARASE (ERG) mission
C. A. Kletzing (University of Iowa) ARASE-Van Allen Probes
C. A. Kletzing (University of Iowa) Chorus Element Properties: Initial Results from Automated Identification
Claudia Martinez-Calderon (Tohoku Univ.) Characteristics of simultaneous VLF/ELF emissions by Arase, PWING and RBSP
D. P. Hartley (University of Iowa) Quantifying the Antenna-Sheath Impedance of the Van Allen Probes EFW Instrument
ERG Science Center and PWE team EFD data processing (spin fitted level 2&3)
Iku Shinohara (ISAS, JAXA) 'Arase' (ERG)
J. B. Blake (The Aerospace Corporation) Simultaneous Observations of Lower Band Chorus Emissions at the Equator and Microburst Precipitating Electrons in the Ionosphere
Kazue Takahashi (JHUAPL, USA) Survey of Pi2 waves in Arase and RBSP data
Kazuhiro Yamamoto (Kyoto Univ.) Report: Proton flux modulation by poloidal Pc4 waves observed by ARASE satellite
Kazuo Shiokawa (Nagoya Univ.) Ground-based observation network by the PWING project
Kazushi Asamura (ISAS/JAXA) Ion measurements LEPi and MEPi on Arase
Kuni Keika (University of Tokyo) Multi-spacecraft simultaneous observations of magnetospheric ion dynamics on storm and substorm time scales
L. M. Kistler (University of New Hampshire) Ion Transport to Ring Current
Matina Gkioulidou (University of California, Los Angeles) Particle Injections As A Major Mode Of Plasma Transport
Satoshi Kurita (Nagoya Univ.) Coordinate observation of relativistic electron loss induced by EMIC waves
Satoshi Oimatsu (Kyoto Univ.) ERG satellite observation of large amplitude Pc5 wave and the O+ ion flux oscillation
Tomoaki Hori (Nagoya Univ.) ERG Science Center
Tomoaki Hori (Nagoya Univ.) SuperDARN observations during the September storm: conjunction with Arase and Van Allen Probes
Yasumasa Kasaba (Tohoku Univ.) Wire Probe Antenna (WPT) and Electric Field Detector (EFD) of Plasma Wave Experiment (PWE) aboard Arase: Specifications and initial evaluation results
Yoichi Kazama (ASIAA, Taiwan) Arase Electron Measurements
Yoshiya Kasahara (Kanazawa Univ.) Plasma Wave Experiment (PWE) onboard the ARASE (ERG) Satellite
Yoshiya Kasahara (Kanazawa Univ.) RBSP-Arase Collaboration
Yoshizumi Miyoshi (Nagoya Univ.) Geospace Exploration Project ERG (Arase) overview