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ERG Science Center (ERG-SC) wiki

1. Overview

This wiki is to provide various information on scientific data of the ERG (Exploration of energization and Radiation in Geospace) project. This site is still being worked on. More contents will come up soon!

The ERG project is an international collaborative project to elucidate acceleration and loss mechanisms of relativistic particles around the Earth during geospace storms. The project consists of the satellite observation team, the ground-based network observation team, and the integrated data analysis/simulation team. The ERG satellite is going to be launched in jpFY2016 as the core element of the project responsible for in-situ observation of the inner magnetosphere. The strategically coordinated ground-based network observations and the simulation/modeling efforts support the detailed observation in Geospace, enabling integrated studies on the Earth's radiation belts.

All scientific data of the ERG project are archived and made available to the international research community from the ERG Science Center (ERG-SC). ERG-SC develops the integrated data analysis tools for the project data and promotes scientific studies related to the ERG project. ERG-SC is operated by Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE), Nagoya University as a Joint Research Center for Space Science.

2. News

Important updates and announcements on the ERG data are to be posted here.

3. Data

ERG satellite

  • Low-energy particle experiments - electron analyzer (LEP-e): website
  • Low-energy particle experiments - ion mass analyzer (LEP-i): website
  • Medium-energy particle experiments - electron analyzer (MEP-e): website
  • Medium-energy particle experiments - ion mass analyzer (MEP-i): website
  • High-energy electron experiments (HEP): website
  • Extremely high-energy electron experiment (XEP): website
  • Plasma Wave Experiment (PWE): website
    • Electric Field Detector (EFD): website
    • Onboard Frequency Analyzer (OFA): website
    • Wave Form Capture (WFC): website
    • High Frequency Analyzer (HFA): website
  • Magnetic field experiment (MGF): website
  • Software-type wave particle interaction analyzer (S-WPIA): website
  • Orbit
  • Attitude : website

ERG ground-based network observations

Please refer to the ERG-related ground-based observation data website.

ERG simulation/modelings


4. Collaboration with other projects

5. Campaign observation

6. Related sites