ERG PWE/WFC (Chorus-burst, SWPIA-burst)  for 2017-2024


Plots on this website can be used for quick look only, because the plotted data here have not been sufficiently checked or calibrated for detailed scientific analysis. Any publication using these plots is strictly prohibited. If you consider to use them for presentation in scientific meetings, please contact the PI(s) of the data that you would like to show, before the presentation.

Information on typical artificial signals can be seen at PWE wiki.


If you have any questions on Arase/PWE WFC data, please contact Arase/PWE team ("erg_pwe_info at").

If you have any problems, questions, or comments on this page, please contact the ERG Science Center ("ergsc-help at") at ISEE, Nagoya University.

Last Modified: 2023/04/21