Extremely High-Energy Electron Experiment (XEP)

The instrument is on -Y panel.



  • Nana Higashio (JAXA/RDD)


  • Haruhisa Matsumoto (JAXA/RDD)


  • Higashio, N., T. Takashima, I. Shinohara, and H. Matsumoto, The extremely high-energy electron experiment (XEP) onboard the Arase (ERG) satellite, Earth, Planets and Space, 10.1186/s40623-018-0901-x, 2018.

Instrument Specifications

Energy range Electron from 400 keV to 20 MeV
G-factor 0.0088 cm2sr
Angular resolution 20° × 22.5°
Energy resolution SSDs: <20%
GSOZ: <50-60%
Size 317 mm × 250 mm × 174 mm
Weight 5281 g
Power 19.8 W
Data format Table mode (18 ch) - 12 ch: SSD SUM; 4 ch: GSO
List mode (for S-WPIA)
Quasi-real time data (for space weather)

Measurement Principle

XEP consists of five SSDs for a lower energy range and one scintillator (GSO+PMT) for a higher energy range. XEP also has an anti-scintillator to eliminate contamination from sides.

Other Information

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