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Extremely High-Energy Electron Experiment (XEP)


  • PI
    • Nana Higashio (JAXA/RDD)
  • Members
    • Takeshi Takashima(ISAS/JAXA)
    • Iku Shinohara
    • Haruhisa Matsumoto (JAXA/RDD)

ERG_SC(XEP) Nagoya Univ.

  • Mariko Teramoto
  • Tomoaki Hori
  • Yoshizumi Miyoshi

Rules of the Road

  • For the general data policy for the ERG satellite, please refer to this webpage.

Specific to XEP Data

The present study used the XEP data of ver. XXX (Please input the version number of the xep data which you used.) generated on MM DD, YYYY (Please input the generation date of the xep data which you used.).

The XEP data processing was partly supported by the SEES/JAXA.

The extremely high-energy electron experiment (XEP) onboard the Arase (ERG) satellite (Higashio et al.,DOI: 10.1186/s40623-018-0901-x, 2018.)

Updates on the Instrument Status, Data, Calibration, and Notes

  • 20170114
    • N/A

Data information

Normal data mode:Table mode (2017/03/20-)

※List mode Data are not provided.

2017/04/17 No data (Table Mode→List Mode)

2017/04/21-04/23 No data(XEP OFF)

2017/05/18 No data

2017/07/15 10:00-10:22UT No data(Mode check operation)

2017/07/15 10:22-2017/07/18 12:44UT No data(List Mode)

2017/07/18 9UT- No data (L≦2.1: Table Mode→List Mode)

2017/07/23 16:20-19:30UT No data

2017/08/29 07:44-10:05UT No data(MOde check operation)

Past articles archived here

Instrument Specifications

Energy range Electron from 400 keV to 20 MeV
G-factor 0.0088 cm2sr
Angular resolution 20° × 22.5°
Energy resolution SSDs: <20%
GSOZ: <50-60%
Size 317 mm × 250 mm × 174 mm
Weight 5281 g
Power 19.8 W
Data format Table mode (18 ch) - 12 ch: SSD SUM; 4 ch: GSO
List mode (for S-WPIA)
Quasi-real time data (for space weather)

Observation Modes

  • Table mode
  • List mode (if necessary)

Observation Mode Changes

Basically the table mode is continuously used to avoid decrease in the number of events.

Calibration Information


Science Data Products

Level-2 Omniflux Data
Name Description Dimension Nominal Time Resolution Data Load Routine for SPEDAS
Epoch Time label in the CDF_TT2000 format for XEP (the start time of each spin) (time) 8s (nominal spin period) erg_load_xep
FEDO_SSD Omni-directional differential flux for XEP SSD (time) x 9(energy) 8s erg_load_xep
FEDO_SSD_Energy Energy bins for XEP SSD 2(min,max) x 9(energy) 8s erg_load_xep
FEDO_SSD_Quality Quality flag for XEP SSD (time) x9(energy) 8s erg_load_xep
FEDO_GSO Omni-directional differential flux for XEP GSO (time) x 4(energy) 8s erg_load_xep
FEDO_GSO_Energy Energy bins for XEP GSO 2(min,max) x 4(energy) 8s erg_load_xep
FEDO_GSO_Quality Quality flag for XEP GSO (time) x4(energy) 8s erg_load_xep

Data Inventory (Data Archive Status)

Data repository:

Name Processed until Latest Calibration Version Remarks