Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road for the users of the products from the ERG/Arase Project

  1. Users of all level of scientific products from the ERG/Arase project should contact instrument PI team(s), Project Manager (PM), and Project Scientist (PS) before using the data for any presentation and publication. PI(s) / PM (Iku Shinohara, iku at / PS (Yoshizumi Miyoshi, miyoshi at may suggest potential coauthor(s) from the ERG/Arase project side for the presentation and publication. Some necessary articles suggested by the PI(s) should be cited.

  2. Users should always use the latest version of data files in CDF provided from the ERG science center for their data analysis, presentation and publications. Redistribution of the data files is strictly prohibited.

  3. Users should send presentation materials and papers including ERG/Arase data to instrument PI team(s), PM, and PS enough before presentation and paper submission, so that sufficient time is available for those responsible for the data to check if the data are properly processed/used and to get necessary comments back to the data users.

  4. Publications that use ERG/Arase satellite data should cite the project overview paper (Miyoshi et al., Earth Planets Space, DOI:10.1186/s40623-018-0862-0, 2018a) and include the following text in the paper acknowledgements:

    "Science data of the ERG (Arase) satellite were obtained from the ERG Science Center operated by ISAS/JAXA and ISEE/Nagoya University (, Miyoshi et al., 2018b(#) ). The present study analyzed MGF-L2 v01_01 data, HEP-L2 v03_01 data, MEP-e-L2 v01_01 data, and Orbit L3 v02 data"

    # Miyoshi et al., Earth Planets Space, DOI:10.1186/s40623-018-0867-8, 2018b

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